FINANCIAL coaching

Let us help you create a personalized plan to reach your money goals faster.

What is financial coaching?

Financial coaching combines psychology, behavioral finance and fundamental financial management to help you plan for and manage your personal finances.

Financial coaches work with you to set goals and develop personalised spending & savings plans to achieve them. They can assist with creating a lifestyle budget,  provide money management tools to help you stay on track and behavioral tips to make staying the course feel easy; so that you are able to comfortably & predictably reach your financial goals. 

Is financial coaching the same as financial advice?

Financial coaching is different to financial advice. Financial advisors are licensed to provide specific financial product recommendations and provide personal financial advice on financial products to suit your individual needs & objectives. Financial coaches don’t sell or recommend financial products and they don’t provide you with personal advice on your financial products (e.g. life insurance, superannuation or other investments). 

Our financial coaches are licensed to provide general financial advice only. This means they cannot advise you on the suitability of any specific financial products for your personally,  they can only provide general advice on these topics. They can advise you on all matters relating to your personal cashflow & money management including savings and debt repayment planning. 

What can a financial coach help me with?

A financial coach can help you create a plan for a wide range of personal financial goals.  Whether you are struggling with debt, looking to save for something big and need help mastering your income & expenses, or need help planning for and affording life’s big events like your first car, buying a property, getting married and having a family. 

Our Proforce Wealth money coaches are here to help you optimise your personal finances, create a plan for your income & expenditure and map out your next steps to reaching your goals. 

What are you saving for?

We'll help get you there faster.

Create a budget

Your coach will help you work out your money goals, review your expenses, create a workable lifestyle budget and help you maximise your monthly savings. You’ll leave your session with a clear plan for managing your monthly salary and timeframe to reaching your financial goals.  


get out of debt

You’ll work together with your coach to review your expenses and create a realistic but flexible and sustainable plan to get on top of your debt as quickly as possible. Your coach will help you work out how much you can afford to make as extra repayments and look at different approaches to paying off your debt.

Planning a Big Purchase

Wanting to get onto the property ladder?  
Looking at a new car or upgrading the car? 
Your coach can help you expedite your savings plan to get you closer to your big purchase faster. We’ll help you optimise your cashflow & savings, work out your deposit requirements, what monthly repayments you can comfortably afford and answer any questions you have around the buying process.



Getting married, having a baby and taking maternity leave – life’s most exciting events come with some uncertainty around your finances.
Lumpy expenses, managing a fluctuation in income and an increase in expenditure needs preparation. Your coach can help you create a household cashflow plan that addresses these concerns and puts your mind at ease whilst you navigate these big events.

How does it work?

To book a session, select the area you want help with and select BOOK NOW. 

All our money coaching sessions are carried out virtually via Zoom video call. You can attend alone or invite your partner to join the session.  

In all of these sessions you will work together with your personal financial coach, to: 

Identify the goal what do you want to achieve and ideally, by when?

Build a custom budget that works for you
You’ll work together with your coach to craft an easy to follow budget that fits your lifestyle while still allowing you to save some ‘dream building’ cash 

Set healthy spending habits
We’ll dive into your day to day expenses to see where you can start pinching pennies and where you can afford to splurge

Create a custom cashflow strategy
Your coach will help you decide where and how to customize your cashflow management strategy to fit your busy life and lifestyle needs.

Create an action plan mapping out your next steps to realizing your financial goal

Expert coaches who get YOU.

We know that talking to a real person about what you want and creating a personal plan is important to you.

We’ve hired the best money coaches we can find to help you do just that. 

Here’s three things you ought to know about your coaching team: 

  1. They’re professionally trained in finance, experienced and have expertise and experience in the specific area you want help with.
  2. Your privacy is guaranteed. Our coaches are employed directly by Proforce Wealth and have no affiliation or connection to your employer. Every conversation is strictly confidential and we operate independently of your organization.
  3. They are passionate about helping people create a plan to reach their goals. There is no judgment, your success is our success

You’ll Walk Away With:

01 – Tailor Made Money Plan & Cashflow Management strategy
02 – A Personalized Checklist for staying on top of your finances 
03 – Clarity on what you need to do to reach your goal


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