your finances under one roof

An all-in-one financial management tool, just for you. Manage your finances like a professional would with the Proforce Wealth Portal. 


Take control of your finances with the Proforce Wealth personal wealth portal

Say hello to your financial world's new command centre.
Set yourself up for money management success with the portal's powerful organisation, analytics, and collaboration tools.


Keep your finances organized

From property and bank accounts to loan repayments, insurance, and estate planning, connect all aspects of your financial world in one place.

Make smarter decisions

With powerful reports and purpose-built wizards like the Tax Assistant, the portal is chock-full of tools to help make managing your finances a breeze.

Track your spending, create new habits

Whether you’re spending too much on travel, coffee, or shoes, your portal helps you manage your spending with easy to use cashflow and budgeting features.

Build your A-Team

Invite family members and professionals, like your property manager and lawyer, to collaborate. Assign permissions to control what they can view or change.

Stay on target with monthly reports

Stay on top of your goals with monthly financial health checks delivered straight to your inbox. Get updates on your budgets, goals, and tax deductions.

Reach your goals

Planning to retire at 50? Buy a third property? Create a legacy for your family? Whatever your goals, the wealth portal can help you get there.

Getting set up

Follow these steps to log in for the first time

Step 1

Check Your Email - when you signed up you would have received an email with a link to ‘activate’ your Wealth Portal Account. This email will prompt you to set up your password. You must do this before logging into the App for the first time

Step 2

Download the App - you can download the app from your mobile device via the Google Play or App stores

Step 3

Sign In - Use the email address you signed up with and the password you created when activating your wealth portal account to log in. You will then be taken through a questionnaire to get your started setting up your account inside the App.

Access via your desktop

Your Proforce Wealth Portal account is also available as a desktop tool.


The app is perfect for checking in with your finances on the run, but for more complicated tasks like setting up or reviewing your budget, or getting ready for tax time, sometimes working on your desktop or laptop is simpler.

You can access the desktop version of your wealth portal account by Clicking the Link below.

How to use the app

There are a number of resources to help you get started using the app

Watch the Webinar

Watch our comprehensive training video. This training will walk you through a complete system for using the app to manage your monthly finances. Everything you need to know to using the app as part of your monthly money management routine.


Our Support Site

Here you will find step by step instructions for how to use the apps various features. From adding your wealth items to downloading reports. and tagging your transactions for tax time. This is your troubleshooting guide with how to guides for just about every feature on the portal.

Attend LIVE Training

Attend one of our LIVE training webinars - we hold a live training session every few months which takes your through getting started and setting up a budget inside the app as well as offering you a chance for a Q&A on using the app.
These sessions are group style training but bring your questions and your trainer will be able to help you.


Privacy & Security Questions?

Your information is safe & secure.

You take your security seriously, and so do we. At ProForce Wealth Management we have high standards when it comes to the security of your information .